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As we know, IRAN is on one of the lines of the global earthquake belt, and one of these earthquake belts, which is west-east, passes through the west of Spain, Italy and Greece, and after passing through Turkey, it enters IRAN and from  the east of the country extends to Afghanistan, India and China.

 Therefore, our country is one of the earthquake-prone countries in the world, and IRAN plate is constantly pushing towards the northern plates due to tectonic phenomena and the displacement of intercontinental and subcontinental plates such as the Arabian plate.  Therefore, with geodetic measurements in the country, the phenomenon of orogeny has been witnessed, and the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges become higher by nearly 1 centimeter every year.  On the other hand, it can be said that fortunately or unfortunately, every ten to fifteen years, our country witnesses a severe earthquake above 6.5 on the Richter scale.  Fortunately, because this tragic event happens every ten years, and unfortunately, because our country, like Japan, would continuously witness strong earthquakes.  This matter was not forgotten between the two earthquakes, and officials and executives in the construction sector were always ready for an earthquake.

 Now that we live in such a dangerous country, it is wise to live in buildings that have adequate safety during an earthquake, and not in such a way that with a relatively strong earthquake, for example, 6 Richter, our building will suffer serious damage and damage.  And God forbid there be human casualties.

 In this regard, ariantiss company, having enough experience in the evaluation of residential and industrial buildings, can use the latest regulations for seismic improvement of existing buildings and use modern methods to turn weak and unsafe buildings into strong and resistant buildings.  Make it against earthquakes.

Today, in the field of strengthening and retrofitting of buildings, advanced countries have invented very appropriate and practical methods and solutions, fortunately, IRAN has followed the above regulations and guidelines and with new materials that are specific to retrofitting buildings.  Strengthening the structure is the priority.

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 In our country, retrofitting companies have recently emerged and by gathering experienced engineers and technicians in this field, they have started designing and implementing retrofitting of structures and buildings in the country. 


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